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commitment and self-belief

With more than six decades of entrepreneurship, Valfidus is now active in a range of business lines in several countries.

  • 70s-90s

    Operations begin in the south of France, accompanied by sustained, organic growth

  • 2000s

    A new generation and new investments

  • 2010s

    Group internationalisation

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    • Roland Michaux starts the first family business in France (1952)

    • 1967

      Aluminium building systems distribution company Sepalumic founded, run by Mr Michaux’s daughter and son-in-law Mr & Mrs Vidal-Revel

    • 1972

      Sepalumic starts to design and distribute its own models

    • 1986

      Sepalumic becomes a national business when north of France distribution network is established

    • 1989

      Prefal a separate company of ready made windows & doors is created

    • 1999

      Alutechnie purchased, the first takeover & the beginning of the external growth strategy

    • 2001

      Aluminium windows factory opened near Paris. PVC windows factory opens in the south of France

    • 2002

      Third generation of the Vidal-Revel family takes control under Cécile & Jean-Christophe Vidal-Revel. Start of the process to achieve ISO quality standards in the principal production and distribution sites. This adds a further boost to the quality of client service, partner relationships, and process quality.

    • 2004

      Sepalumic opens Moroccan subsidiary & Prefal opens a PVC factory near Paris

    • 2005

      Sepalumic invests in a warehousing centre and completely integrated innovative profile processing

      Alu Préférence industrialised window production site opened in the south west of France

    • 2006

      Purchase of the firm Espace Aluminium located in south ouest of France

    • 2007

      Valimmo real estate business created

    • 2008

      Purchase of the firm Elmaduc, located in the center of France

      Renewable energy production business ValEnergies founded

    • 2010

      HPG created (Préfal Group holding company)

    • 2011

      Valfidus holding company created in Luxembourg

      Valfidus starts its international growth with the acquisition of AluK group (70M€)

    • 2012

      Beaufort (UK) and Blyweert (NL) acquired, with them becoming AluK UK and AluK NL

      Valibox created: a self-storage centre in Mougins in the south of France

    • 2013

      Merger of Alutchnie and Elmaduc to create AluK Franc, and the founding of AluK India

    • 2014

      HPG Group acquires Menuiserie Bieber, thus completing its range in wood products

    • 2016

      AluK Group acquires Blyweert Belgium & Colors, which become AluK BE

      Valénergies launches Ellybox, a solar energy production solution for businesses

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