Who we are

Our commitments

Commitment is one of our corporate fundamental values, both through our teams and our partners, as well as through sponsorship actions.

Les Petites Pierres

VALFIDUS is an active member of the Les Petites Pierres endowment fund, alongside the Somfy Foundation and BTP+.

Les Petites Pierres is the first solidarity-based crowdfunding platform dedicated to financing projects run by associations, with the aim of improving the daily lives of the underprivileged, creating social links and combating social exclusion in France.

As a family-owned group, we are proud to develop products and services that make a positive contribution to improving our living spaces, while preserving our environment. With a view to supporting philanthropic actions that respect these values and our business sectors, VALFIDUS is making a financial and human commitment to Les Petites Pierres. This mission has been entrusted to the 4th generation of the family.

Our common goal is to support associations that help people reintegrate into society and improve their living conditions by providing access to decent housing.


Sam Laidlow

Valfidus has been supporting Sam Laidlow on his sporting journey since 2020.

At the tender age of 24, Sam is a professional triathlete who has already made his mark at the top of the international Ironman scene.

Franco-British Sam grew up in a family of pro coaches which helped make him highly competitive and ambitious. His childhood dream was to win the Ironman World Championships, so Sam set himself a very strict training and management plan worthy of a great champion.

He came second in the 2022 Ironman World Championships, setting a new world record in the bike course at 4 hr 3 min 36 s (160km) and finishing in 7 hr 42.

Aside from its drive to help an elite athlete achieve his goals, Valfidus shares the same values as Sam: hard work, determination, pushing boundaries and resilience.


Matisse Pacaud & Lucie De Gennes

Sailing Team 2024

Supporting the development of talented young people is ingrained in Valfidus’ DNA, so we’re proud to be supporting Lucie De Gennes and Matisse Pacaud throughout their elite sporting journey as they attempt to achieve a major goal: the Paris 2024 Olympics!