Weeeze joins the Valfidus Group

The story of Weeeze begins in 1990, when the original Franco-Swiss company was born. It then evolved for two decades in the field of so-called "classic" aluminum joinery.
It is on the strength of its craftsmanship and the level of requirement required on French territory that we are making a strategic shift in 2009: the creation of the first French minimalist sliding system.
Its particular name, Weeeze, evokes the fluidity of the sliding leaves on its invisible rail. From floor to ceiling, without limitation of width, the glass then occupies the entire surface of the opening.
Guided by innovation and excellence, Weeeze developed its own engine, and it was in 2013 that the first Weeeze engine was installed. The effortless mobility of very large leaves is now ensured.
In 2020 Weeeze joins the Valfidus group, specialist in aluminum joinery since 1967, then taking the name WEEEZE SAS.

Logo - Valfidus
Valfidus SA 42-44 Avenue de la Gare L-1610 Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg) info@valfidus.com

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