Run for Life with AluK

After Luxemburg and India, this time AluK "Run For Life" relay arrives in China. Here we have 67 employees and families of AluK China participated in this event.

According to the group policy, besides the registration fee, each BU will contribute equivalent amount of money to cancer research funding.  Thus, this time we also donated RMB10,000 to Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club, to support the research of breast cancer prevention & recovery.

People write their wellness goals on the back of the T shirt. As the 3,000 runners and walkers embarked on their individual journeys around the park, reading everyone’s “green” goals provided an incredibly inspirational experience.

In this pink and green ocean, cancer patients wore green clothes that represent vitality, moved towards the end with healthy people in pink, showed a positive attitude in the face of illness and never fail, and created a clean, green and healthy lifestyle, conveyed a positive, low-carbon and healthy concept of life. People from all over the world run passionately for health and were proud of the brave anti-cancer warriors!

When we share love and faith, we were also touched by these brave anti-cancer warriors.

As a group, our focus is on providing innovative, high quality products and solutions which help to create a comfortable and stylish living and working environment. Meanwhile, we also encourage positive and healthy life style. Never ever too late. No more junk food, no more stay up late. Let's spend more time on sports or with families instead of electronical devices. Every day is a fresh start!


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