Les Petites Pierres & "Giving Tuesday"

The "Les Petites Pierres" endowment fund and its partners, the Somfy Foundation, the Schneider Electric Foundation, the BTP + Foundation and the company Valfidus, wished to relay and participate in the international "Giving Tuesday" movement for the second consecutive year.

The announced confinement, on the eve of winter, is the prospect for 4 million French people of having to remain confined in their poor housing. This prospect and that even less enviable of those without a fixed abode will find themselves even more isolated, require strong action by those involved in the fight against poor housing.

#GivingTuesday is an international movement that relies on social networks to make as much noise as possible around two strong ideas: celebrating generosity and encouraging solidarity. This event makes all the more sense in this very special period, when excluded and poorly housed people are even more isolated, living conditions even more stigmatizing, and where generosity mechanisms are thwarted by injunctions to stay at home. self.

The “Les Petites Pierres” alliance is committed on a daily basis to associations that fight against poor housing by contributing to the financing of their projects through a matching mechanism and by supporting them in their crowdfunding operation through methodological assistance and a relay of their communication. #GivingTuesday helps strengthen these means of action. Concretely, the platform's partners participate in the generosity effort advocated by the #GivingTuesday movement with a budget of € 115,000 which will triple donations from December 1 to 7, 2020.

This will be a great opportunity for associations that have never carried out a campaign on the platform www.lespetitespierres.org. They will thus have ideal conditions to try and succeed in their first crowdfunding campaign.

The #GivingTuesday movement for "Les Petites Pierres" is a double promise:

-for associations, it means "even more visibility and tripled donations" to finance your project,

-for donors, one euro paid is 3 euros for the association and the possibility of benefiting from the increase in the ceiling to 1000 € in 2020 for a tax deduction of 75%

Etienne Bourgeois Director of "Les Petites Pierres" says: "Taking part in the #GivingTuesday event is obvious to" Les Petites Pierres ", especially in the crisis we are going through. With the tripling of donations, this international event allows us to bring more visibility to supported projects, and better to arouse the generosity of donors, and therefore for associations, to accelerate the success of their solidarity crowdfunding project. . " Find the operation on lespetitespierres.org PROFILE Les Petites Pierres is an endowment fund, dedicated to the fight against exclusion, poor housing and reducing the energy divide, which helps associations in their fundraising. It is funded by the Somfy Foundation, the Schneider Electric Foundation, the BTP + Foundation and the company Valfidus.

Les Petites Pierres
Etienne Bourgeois : contact@lespetitespierres.org
Fondation Somfy
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Fondation Schneider Electric
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Fondation BTP+ Muriel Sanchez : contact@fondationbtpplus.fr
Elisa Vidal-Revel : g4valfidus@gmail.com

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