ADC Awards 2019: Discover the Sepalumic projects

In the category "University Residence":

The House of Korea

The sound, the jingak order or the tongbulgyo, so many terms that designate Korean zen. An omnipresent state of mind in the Asian country that have attempted to architectically translate the teams of Canale 3, GA.A and AUM LEE in the development of the House of Korea, the latest project of the Cité Universitaire de Paris (14th).

A building with voluptuous curves, all of depolluting cement and large picture windows clad for the first time since 1969 green land of the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris. Far from caricaturing Korean architecture, the master builders opt for a highlighting of fundamental values: simplicity, serenity and a sense of detail. Before entering into the building of 5,450 m², the visitor is confronted with a sober Korean garden with stone pavement. The facades of the project combine 18 cm thick load-bearing panels, cladding panels and curved panels, all of which are uniformly immaculate, giving the whole area a peaceful atmosphere.

This relaxing feeling does not subside once the doors of the main entrance are crossed where a common room and a traditional kitchen restaurant overlook the park, visible and accessible via large windows, connecting the House with the rest of the city. The main hall, which has three levels of floors, is a meeting place where various key events of the season will take place. A wide staircase then leads to the garden level where are distributed the home of students and a room of cultural activities.

An ode to Asia without embellishment.

In the category "Espace Cultural Center":

National Scene Espace des Arts

In association with Hart-Beteloot AAT, the architecture studio Pierre Hebbelinck has carried out the renovation and modernization of the former spaces of the National Scene of the Espace des Arts in Chalon-sur-Saone.

It is essential to go back to the history of the place to understand the issues: the enhancement of culture, the public's convenience, and the development of space on several scales, regional and national. At the initiative of André Malraux, the Espace des Arts intends, since its creation in 1971, to promote culture and make it accessible to the greatest number. The original building hosts a Maison de la Culture dedicated to promoting knowledge. Then, in 1984, the structure changes: the House of Culture of the City becomes the Space of the Arts, a municipal cultural service. In 1995, the latter evolves into theater. In 1998, Espace des Arts was named "Scene Agreement". Finally, from 2002, the new director, Philippe Buquet expands the artistic program of the place by offering circus performances, dance, music and theater. This earned him the label "Public Institution for Cultural Cooperation" in 2006.

After two years of construction, the Espace des Arts has been redesigned in September 2018. The renovation consisted of tree theaters (one hall with 849 seats, another with 250 seats and a smaller auditorium. 80 seats), exhibition spaces, a coffe space and 220 m² dedicated to artists' residences.

The recent modernization has improved both access to the building, the conditions of reception of the public and the comfort of the artists. The theaters, lodges and halls dedicated to management have been modernized and brought up to standard. The optimization of the receptions and the residences promotes the creation in all the domains of the living spectacle. The modernization of the old building has helped to preserve and enhance the intangible heritage of the place.

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