2019 Grandeur Nature's Convention

An exceptional participation rate

This seminar has become an appointment expected of all. And for proof, this year, 80% of the members answered present to this event. This rate reflects the state of mind that has prevailed in the network for 20 years. So much to say that Grandeur Nature does not have to worry! "We are a network close to our customers, and even if we want to develop, with the cap of 70 members, we wish to remain so," explains Philippe Leire, head of the network. Like every year, this annual convention closes a year, and prepares the next one so that everyone leaves again more motivated and happy to belong to the Grandeur Nature network.


Harmonious blend of conviviality and work

The program began with a welcoming cocktail in Bergen, home of our first international member Veranda AS. Then direction Tromso, 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, for a rich strategic plenary and workshops on the topics of recruitment, marketing and the future of network. These workshops helped fuel constructive exchanges and clarify the network's prospects by 2023.



2 days of polar adventures on the borders of Norway

In the image of the values carried by the network and to strengthen the cohesion of the teams, playful and unifying times punctuated this annual event like walks in the fjords, with dogs or reindeer sleds. At lunch, guests tasted traditional Norwegian dishes.
These collective activities are intended to reinforce team cohesion and to share pleasant moments.

Norway, a country perched high in northern Europe, is dominated by nature with breathtaking landscapes. That is why, after a few kilometers traveled in the middle of the night, escaping from the snow and the cloud, the group went hunting for aurora borealis, one of the most fascinating natural phenomena. For all members, it was an unforgettable experience.


Ever more loyal members

The annual convention is an important meeting place between the head of the network and its members. This convention is as every year a highlight contributing to the construction of a strong and qualified network. "It's also a big family reunion in which everyone gets together and remembers good memories." commented Philippe Leire. The men, the network, the teams, it's all the living force of Grandeur Nature. Again, this has been proven during this convention with historical members. The fidelity of the members, the transmission of know-how, and the massive participation in our events, are strong and rewarding signs showing the attachment to the company.


Grandeur Nature celebrates his 20 years :

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