Commitment is one of our corporate fundamental values, both through our teams and our partners, as well as through sponsorship actions

  • Valfidus has signed a partnership contract for the 2020 season with Sam Laidlow, a very promising young triathlete.

    Sam Laidlow, is a 20 year old Professional Triathlete dreaming of dominating the Ironman Scene. Born in the UK and raised in the French Pyrenees, he race in a maverick kind of way leading the races out from the very start in an event that lasts 8hours. After winning 2 irondistances already, his next goal is to be the youngest Ironman winner. And also the youngest person to break 8hours. The values ​​and philosophy conveyed by Sam Laidlow, made Valfidus want to support him!

  • The unconventional interview of Sam Laidlow

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